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Thursday, May 2, 2013

(Music) - Kelsey Mira's new EP is out!!

 I can't believe I hadn't updated since December, but due to different factors, I haven't released much music lately, but new songs are in the works. :)
I wanted to take the time to let everyone know about Kelsey Mira's new EP - Don't Stop now.
Kelsey is a fantastic vocalist from Cincinnati that I have had the pleasure of working with on two songs so far (working on a third now), and has released her EP with 5 tracks that she recorded in LA. She is a great songwriter, and these were all written by her. 
The tracks feature some top studio musicians (like Lawrence Juber from Paul McCartney's Wings, and Chad Wackerman who has played with Steve Vai and Frank Zappa among others)
The tracks are free downloads for 24 hours and can be bought on Amazon, Itunes, Google play, etc, and played on Spotify as well. I highly recommend checking them out, all 5 are great songs, and she has an amazing voice.
Kelsey's Soundcloud page is here -
Kelsey's Facebook artist page is here -
Kelsey's homepage is here -
Kelsey's Youtube page -
Kelsey's Twitter is here -
The first track I ever heard from Kelsey was "The Wall" and it blew me away.  The EP version with it's top class musicians is even better and it's still one of my favorites.  Watch her video here
I thought I would also link the title track to her EP "Don't Stop now" - It's just an amazing song with her amazing vocals and the end just leaves you wanting more, it's perfect. You can listen to it here 
For the rest of her tracks on YouTube, go visit her YouTube channel and be sure to like and leave a comment :)

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