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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

(Music) - New song - Trapped In Dreams

My new track "Trapped in Dreams" is the 2nd part to the musical trilogy "The Less Traveled path".

I am very influenced by Progressive rock (Styx, Kansas, Rush, Focus, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes )
and these tracks convey that style but are mixed in with another influence, Michael McCann's soundtrack for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, specifically the track Icarus. Even if your not a video game fan or a fan of the Deus Ex series, I highly recommend checking out at least that track or better yet the entire soundtrack, it's amazing.

The trilogy starts with Lost in Dreams, which has a mysterious ambient sound and style. The track is supposed to portray to the listener that the track's character is in a melancholy sad dreamworld, trying to find his way through.

The 2nd part of the trilogy is the new track - Trapped In Dreams. The track starts with the theme that Lost ended with, then transitions to the track's character starting to feel trapped in the dreamworld. It slowly builds to the character's feeling of frustration and finally crying out at the ending.

The third and final track when finished will tell of the character escaping the dreamworld.