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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

(Music) - Walk The Night - New Track for Halloween with Kelsey Mira

Kelsey and I have created a new Halloween themed track, in an epic Gothic disco style. Kelsey wrote the lyrics and it's a true Halloween Holiday Anthem :) She is an amazing vocalist and always amazes me with her singing talent and compositional skills. I am very lucky to work with her, she is such a nice person and a true talent! We both love Scary movies and Halloween and enjoy making these types of tracks so much! We hope you enjoy!

If you enjoy this make you listen to last year's Halloween track, Mortality!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So....I havent been doing much lately!

Well, It sure seems that way at least..... For multiple reasons, I was in a kind of a creative funk this year (and not the good kind!) I didn't get alot done musically as I didn't feel that creative to be honest, real life, work, and stress, has a way of sapping that. The end result is that I have barely released much this year but that's going to change a bit. I started working on music for a video game that will not be released unfortunately :( But I released a track that was going to be the video theme for it's crowd funding campaign. The track is an all piano epic piece called "The Tears we keep inside". I composed 4 to 5 pieces and ideas for the actual game, and I'm still deciding on what to do with those. I might just release them as free downloads on my Gamescompositions music page. I'm working on a Halloween track With Kelsey and a few other pieces besides. I feel the creativity coming back but still not quite as strong as it was, I'm hoping to get back to my normal self for 2015, and release a few tracks before the end of the year at least. The link to the new piano track is below