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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So....I havent been doing much lately!

Well, It sure seems that way at least..... For multiple reasons, I was in a kind of a creative funk this year (and not the good kind!) I didn't get alot done musically as I didn't feel that creative to be honest, real life, work, and stress, has a way of sapping that. The end result is that I have barely released much this year but that's going to change a bit. I started working on music for a video game that will not be released unfortunately :( But I released a track that was going to be the video theme for it's crowd funding campaign. The track is an all piano epic piece called "The Tears we keep inside". I composed 4 to 5 pieces and ideas for the actual game, and I'm still deciding on what to do with those. I might just release them as free downloads on my Gamescompositions music page. I'm working on a Halloween track With Kelsey and a few other pieces besides. I feel the creativity coming back but still not quite as strong as it was, I'm hoping to get back to my normal self for 2015, and release a few tracks before the end of the year at least. The link to the new piano track is below

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