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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(Music) - New EP from Maren and Jonny :)

When i first joined Soundcloud around 3 years ago (2009), one of the first few songs I uploaded was a remix of Little Boot's track - Earthquake. There was a competition and quite a few people uploaded their take on the track. One of the best remixes of the track in my opinion, as it wasn't atypical and had it's own unique vision, was by Storm is right - Jonny Naylor. I was impressed by the synths he used and that he went a completely different take on the melody, which was great!. (You can listen to that version here ) I started following him and waited for new tracks as I enjoyed his style.

Sometime after that Jonny started working with Maren Elise and I just loved their tracks together. It had that style that I enjoyed with his Earthquake remix, but these were original tracks and I just loved Maren's voice.
I commented and complimented on about every track and meant it sincerely, as these were just great songs.
They turned those tracks into their first album which can be found on Itunes and Amazon.
I highly recommend listening to a few of my favorites such as Apocalypso and La Sirena, the entire songlist is just excellent. You can listen to some of the tracks, including the ones mentioned above in a list here

Thanks to my love of Jonny's music with Maren, I was honored later down the road to have the opportunity to collaborate with Maren on Pales in Comparison :) A song that I love and is one of my personal favorites of the music I have done. We intend to have future songs too :) I'm looking forward to that!!

Today Maren and Jonny released their new Surf EP "The High Five" on Itunes and Amazon, get it here and here :) It's a great price for 5 wonderful tracks, and I recommend purchasing to support these great musical artists.
The music is surf-tastic with sassy attitude and smile inducing fun, I highly recommend taking a listen below!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

(Gaming) Paul Steed passed away R.I.P

Back in the early days of 3D acceleration (The 3DFX years), one of the game industry persona's that really stood out was Paul Steed. My favorite websites like Voodoo Extreme, Bluesnews, Planet Quake, etc were so exciting back then, as 3D gaming on PC was just hitting it's stride and there was always something amazing around the corner (which would lead you to buy a new video card unfortunately but it was exciting nonetheless)

I remember reading Paul Steed's Plan file updates which were sassy, in your face with attitude, somewhat controversial for the time, and unforgettable. Paul had a hand in many games that are classics today, but mainly known for his time at ID software. If your a fan of Quake 2, the intro movie was created by Paul. The man was a real talent as what he did, and I wish I could have met him. He seemed to be a real character, beloved and reviled by some, but someone who made a real mark on the gaming industry, and I salute him.

The Jace hall show (Someone who I greatly respect as he founded Monolith and had his hands involved in making some of my favorite games, Blood, Shogo, Condemned, and Fear) had an amazing and funny interview with Paul and I would like to share it here. I am working on a followup to my track Lost in Dreams, and I would like to dedicate the original (Which can be played below) and the sequel when I finish and release it. I will update this post with a link to it when finished.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

(Music) - Remix of Pales in Comparison by Candy Apple Blue

Candy Apple Blue - A great Electronic pop group from Pittsburgh (And awesome people too) composed a remix of my track Pales in Comparison with Maren Elise. I love what they did with the track, and I think Maren's voice sounds amazing on the electro-pop style. Please check it and Candy Apple Blue out :)

Candy Apple Blue also has a new video out, please check it out below :)  - I just love them :)

(Music) My music used in Videos

I just love this video which used my "Springtime Jazz" bass solo track.

This is an amazing video using a remote helicopter with a vid cam set to my track "Lost in Dreams".

This video is for Airsoft battles set to my track "Pales in Comparison with Maren Elise". It's a cool video, with the FPS view it reminds me a bit of a video gamer, and as a gamer, I think thats pretty cool.