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Friday, December 21, 2012

(Music) Ave Maria - with Kelsey Mira

I am very pleased to present my new collaboration with Kelsey Mira, a symphonic rock/metal version of Ave Maria.

When Kelsey and I were working on Winter Paradise, she mentioned she had always wanted to do a version of Ave Maria with heavy guitar. The most important aspect I wanted for our new vision of Ave was to keep the beauty of the original. Kelsey created this beautiful new melody for Ave and that made it easy to keep that wish :) This track is a collaboration in the truest meaning of the word, in that I asked her approval of every part from beginning to end, and she made many wonderful suggestions that made the track so amazing. She is a great songwriter as well as a spectacular vocalist, and it was a joy and privilege to create this track with her.
I have always wanted to do an operatic metal track, have always loved Ave Maria, and this project is a dream come true :) I could not be happier with how this turned out:)

Please check out Kelsey's website at
and her link about Ave Maria here -

If you haven't heard it, please also check out our previous track - Winter Paradise

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