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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(Music) - My music used in Vids - more videos edition

I'm going to feature all the videos I have found that use my music in the videos. I'm going to create them slowly but I will feature all the videos I have found so far :)

Another awesome video for Thai food, this time a dessert (nam kang sai) using Slowly falling out of innocence. I really enjoy Migrationology's videos, but especially Mark's as he shows such delight and enthusiasm for the food he eats. Nat Geo or The Food Channel should hire Mark, he makes whatever he eats look delicious. I have been craving Thai food since I found his videos :)

One of my very favorite video's that uses my music is this video for Queen's Day in Amsterdam 2011. It's a wonderful video, and uses my track Ashes of Time. It looks like so much fun doesn't it? Everyone seems to be having an amazing time. :)

The same person created a video for the prior year's Queen's day using my track "Missing you".

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