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Friday, July 13, 2012

(Music) - My music used in Videos.

I release many tracks under creative commons, as I love for people to use my music in their pod casts, videos, etc. As long as it's a non-commercial situation, I don't expect anything for it. I love to find videos with my music in it, I always get a kick out of it :) A few new ones have recently popped up on Youtube.
I'm going to create a post for the others as well, there are probably 16 or so videos with my tracks right now :)
This one is based on my latest track with Ms. Something-Else, Silent Screams. I just love the artwork in this video.

The 2nd video is for Thai cooking. I'm a huge fan of Thai food, and my favorite Thai restaurant in my area is the Thai Seasons. If you live in Cincinnati, I recommend checking it out.
The soup in this video looks amazing, but alas I doubt I could handle the heat as the video says it takes 30 red chilies..yikes...

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