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Thursday, February 13, 2014

(Games) Two Upcoming games I am really looking forward to

I have been bad (to say the least) about keeping up with my blog lately. I am going to try and get a bit better on that :) Part has been due to having the Flu coming to visit and deciding to stay awhile, the holidays, and having a sick pet for a bit, and sick family members, fun fun.
This is the time of year that just seems to drag on, where as a gamer your wanting more information on upcoming titles and looking forward  to hearing about new titles in development. It's far away from E3 and
mostly quiet on titles that haven't already been announced. It's also that time after a new console generation releases where games trickle in and hasn't yet really got much momentum going. You find yourself wanting new games to play but they just aren't there yet.

I bought a PS4 back in November and will be getting a Xbox One in time for Halo (Hoping for a special edition console as I missed out on that as I have already owned several Xbox 360's and didn't need another.).
I'm looking forward to Thief (one of my favorite game series ever, but still debating on PS4 or PC version), Infamous: Second Son (as I have never played the series but it looks amazing and I loved the Prototype and Crackdown series of games), South Park:The Stick of Truth,  and Fable Anniversary (hoping for a PC edition).

The rest of the games I cannot wait to play are either unknown on a release date or a long ways off.
Games like The Witcher 3,  The Order:1886, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Deus Ex:Universe, Hellraid, Watch Dogs, Bound By flame, Lichdom, The Evil Within, to name only a few. I just hope I have time to play all of them when they release :) I am still trying to finish games from 2012 and 2013, and work on music :) I tend to play when I'm not being creative, and being sick, I played quite a bit over the last month so.

Two upcoming games that recently released new videos are Hellraid and Bound By Flame. Iam looking forward to both very much and thought I would share them here. They both look great and I'm very much looking forward to playing them. :)

Bound By Flame - A beautiful PS4 RPG

Hellraid - A Heretic style fantasy FPS

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