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Friday, June 7, 2013

(Games) 2013 E3 Pre - assessment - PC and games I hope to see

PC has become a force again, which is nice as console gamers and publishers were telling us for years how PC gaming is dying or dead. Publishers hate piracy and the PC has quite a bit of pirated games, and they love the smaller percentage of piracy in consoles and favored them. Consoles being cheap and this generation being HD, gamers could have a PC like gaming experience without the bulk, hassle, and price of a gaming PC.

As the console generation aged though, the PC really started coming back. After the Xbox 360 launched in 2005, many PC gamers were only playing MMO's and RTS games on them. PC's that were the home of first person shooters gave way to Halo and Call of duty on consoles. Most of my PC gaming friends only played on consoles for years. As Steam and other digital download sites improved, and games were released that had controller support built in, PC gaming started coming back.

Steam really brought me back to PC gaming, I love the service. It has the most amazing and customer pleasing sales, a great interface which is easy to use, makes installation and uninstallation of games a snap, and has a Xbox Live like chat service. Steam released big picture mode last year and it literally turns your PC into a gaming console. My current gaming PC smokes my Xbox 360 and for the first time in years, I bought a new PC game over a console game (Bioshock:Infinite) With all the games I have bought on Steam for cheap, in a few years time, I have almost tied my Xbox 360 library, mainly due to all the sales, bundles, and deals. As I go into the next gen, I find myself realizing that I'll still be focusing heavily on PC, and only buying Console games for exclusives and titles that my friends who have consoles want to play. I have a 2560x1440p monitor, I love playing games at that resolution, it's unknown if consoles will even try to support that, I doubt it.

1). I hope to see Bethesda announce Fallout 4 at E3. They have been really quiet on it, and not much as leaked other than it might take place in Boston. With the amazing job they did on Skyrim, and that they released the last DLC for Skyrim this year, I would think they would have something to show. It's using the same engine as Skyrim, so it wouldn't take as long as Fallout 3 to Skyrim. I loved Fallout 3, and I cannt wait to see the new title :)

2). Square-Enix is releasing a new Thief, and I cannot wait to see some gameplay. I'm glad these Ion Storm/Looking glass properties are still around!

3). Dragon Age: Inquisitor - I hope Bioware shows us some of the new Dragon Age. I loved the original, enjoyed the sequel, and hope they listened to the fans on the sequel and make the third game the best yet.

4). Mass Effect - I think it's too early for Bioware to show us a new mass effect game, but you never know. I would think this would be the year for a new Dragon Age to be shown, and next year Mass Effect. I place it on this list because stranger things have happened,

5). Witcher 3 - I have seen some beautiful screenshots but nothing of the game in action, I hope they give us a proper trailer and gameplay reveal.

6). Hellraid - I already wrote an article on it, but I cannot wait for this Heretic style game. I just wish Activision would allow Raven to make a new game, and make it like the original. I am very happy that this game is coming.

7). Shadow Warrior - I loved the original, and enjoyed it even more than Duke Nukem. I loved the humor in the game and hope the remake/reboot keeps the humor going. I realize that in today's politically correct world, a game like the original would just get too much negative press.

8), Rise of the Triad - I am hoping to see more of the single player, as I have seen quite a bit of the multiplayer. I loved the original Dos game back in the day, it's multiplayer was hilarious.

9). Day 1 studios hinted at a Mechassualt like game based on a new IP, but were bought out by Wargaming in January. I had hoped to see this game happen, maybe something will be shown then.

10). Watch Dogs - I'll probably get this for PC unless I get a PS4, this game looks amazing. Best looking game of E3 2012

11). Elder Scrolls Online - The jury is out on this and I need to see more gameplay vids. A beta or alpha version video was released a few months back and the game looked bad. The videos that the developers have released looked really good though, so i hope this one turns out amazing. I have been a Elder Scrolls fan since Daggerfall.

12). South park: The Stick of Truth - I'll probably get this on PC. I love the show, and this is a must get game for me.

13). Sacred 3 - I enjoyed the first 2 Sacred games, so I hope to see more of this one at E3.

14). The Dark Eye: Demonicon - A Open world RPG, I love them, and I look forward to hearing more about this game.

15). Wasteland 2 - This game keeps the flavor of the original and it's isometric gameplay, and is the father of the original Fallouts. I hope to see more of and be impressed by this game.

16). Wolfenstein - I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I hope this game is something similar. It has a new futuristic motif, and I hope that they pull it off.

17). Project Eternity - I hope to see more about Obsidian's new baby. The game looks like it's retro in gameplay with all the modern bells and whistles graphicly, like a new Baldur's gate. I can't wait to see it in action :)

18). Saint's Row IV - Loved the last game, and I hope I love the new one. I imagine that they will make a great game, the last Saint's row was one of the best open world city type games I have played.

19). Mafia 3 - I love Mafia 2 on PC, the 1940's really came alive in the game and I want a new open world game like that, hopefully based in the past again.

20). Two Worlds 3 - I havent heard anything, but I hope it's coming. I enjoyed the first game the most, but the 2nd wasnt bad.

There are alot more I'm interested in, and will probably talk about them after the announcements at E3.

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