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Friday, May 25, 2012

(Music) - Bass player birth control?

I discovered this article posted on Synthtopia,
The article is posted and written at The Trichordist

What made me want to post the article at first is the bass player joke and comment :) I will not post the joke here, you have to read the article for that. If your a musician, it's worth the read, and it's definitely in depth.
Its great, well written, and packed with information. I will be going back to The Trichordist to read from time to time

Regarding the article, I haven't made that much money with my music, it's something that I would love to do as I would love to invest the income back into equipment for music creation. As a musician that creates music but doesn't tour, it's not easy to make money. I am trying to get my music out there for licensing, and find other ways to support my passion. There is so much equipment out there I would love to have, but it's not in my budget. Music creation (and gaming) are expensive loves :)

I have to say though that the internet has been wonderful to me, especially sites like Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. It used to be that only a few people would hear my music locally, but now I have a limited following that wants to hear my next tracks. I have found that there are others that enjoy my tracks, and that is very gratifying. I love it when people use my tracks for their videos, I think that is such a great compliment.
As a test I placed music on Jango found that I got more fans that I expected, and if people like me enough to do that, I must not be all that terrible. I would love to get signed by a decent label, get some marketing behind me and see what happens. I have been doing it all myself, it's time consuming, and although fun, I'm not great at it. If I could get in with a label that was great at marketing, that would be wonderful.

One particular quote in the article that I found interesting is the following:
"The general consensus in the music business is that The Bass Player is the most aggrieved and dissatisfied member of any ensemble.  I have many good friends that are bass players and even they will admit there is some truth to this stereotype".

I found that interesting, but I guess in my case I'm fortunate that I have never felt that way. I have always been a songwriter/composer and helped create the music in the bands I have been in, and was never in competition for getting my songs played or recorded. Many times the "lead" instrument players (Guitar, Keyboards, etc) are the main composers, and if the bass player joins the band that has been in progress for awhile, probably will have to fight to get their song used/recorded. I only briefly played in bands that already established, and most of the time found myself meeting other musicians and forming a project or group, with the expectation beforehand that I am going to write songs. Unless I joined a group that makes decent money so I could support my own projects, I wouldn't join if I couldn't partake in the groups song creation, I would feel stiffed.

I also think it depends on the bassist's style. Except for the early bands I was in where I was still learning to play properly and be comfortable with the instrument, I have always been a "out front" bass player. My main influences were bassists that weren't hidden in the group, bass players like Steve Harris, Geddy lee, Larry Graham, Anthony Jackson, and less "out-front: but no less impressive the great James Jamerson.
My music tastes are quite varied which has been great for my music creation, as I love to blend genre's and styles.

If you check out my music, I thank you :)

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